Our mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver the best PET scanners in the world. We trust that strong partnerships are the foundation for long term success.

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Our Story

The first generation of the LabPET was developed at Université de Sherbrooke and commercialized by GE Healthcare. Today, LabPET scanners are found in more than 35% of the world's best molecular imaging centers.  The company IR&T was funded by experts from Université de Sherbrooke involved in the project since its beginning.


The First Prototype

Prototype of the avalanche photodiode-based PET scanner developed at Université de Sherbrooke, which was used as the technological basis for the LabPET scanners.  This prototype was in use for biomedical research at the Sherbrooke Molecular Imaging Center from 1995 to 2009.  It will be on show at the exhibition “ Mad about Brains” at the Musée de la civilisation of Quebec City until March 11, 2018 (https://www.mcq.org/en/informations/mcq).”

Our team

Our team is composed of member with over 50 years in technology development experience and over 15 years in successful business accomplishments. With our partners and at the Université de Sherbrooke, more than 35 persons have been involved and are still actively working on the development of the LabPET II technology.